Norse - A goddess of agriculture and fertility, attendant on Frigga. One of the Asynjur. Daughter of Odin. Wife of Skiold. Her function was to receive the unmarried dead. It is said that she bore four sons to one of the giants. When, in response to a request for a piece of land that she could call her own, Gylfi offered all she could encompass by ploughing for twentyfour hours, she turned her four sons into oxen and set about the task. The area that they enclosed by a furrow they then cut out and dragged to the sea where it became Zeeland. The hollow left in the king's land flooded to form the lake, Logrum. In some lore, occasionally known as Gefjon, Gefion, Gefion, Gefiun, Gefiun, Gefjun, Gefjun, Gefn, Gefn or Freya.

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