Persian - A primaeval man created from the sweat of Ahura Mazda. Father of Siyamak. He is said to have lived for 3,000 years in spirit form as Gayomart before appearing in the flesh as Gaya Maretan. He was poisoned by Ahriman, at the behest of Jeh the whore, at the age of thirty, but his seed generated the predecessors of the human race, Mashye and Mashyane. From his body came all the elements. Gayomart was envisaged as a tall, white, radiant being who fought the forces of darkness. Also called Gayomart, Gajomartan, Gajomartan, Gaya Maretan, Gaya Maretan, Gayo Marta, Gayo Marta, Gayomard or Gayomard.

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