British - A Knight of the Round Table. Son of Lot and Morgause. Brother of Agravain, Gaheris and Gawain. Husband of Lynette or Lyonesse. In some accounts, he refused to identify himself as Gawain's brother until he had earned a knighthood by his own efforts and was referred to as The Young Unknown. In this respect, the story is similar to that of Gingalin, Gareth's son, The Fair Unknown. When he first joined Arthur's court with Agravain, Gaheris and Gawain he took the job of a scullion, earning the nickname Beaumains or Fair Hands. A maiden, Lynette came to King Arthur's court seeking help for her sister, Lyonesse, who was being harassed by the Red Knight. Gareth took up the cause, defeated the Black Knight, the Blue Knight, the Green Knight and, finally, the Red Knight and married Lyonesse. In some accounts, he married Lynette. He was one of the knights captured and imprisoned by Tarquin, who hated all Arthur's knights, until rescued by Lancelot. He refused to be a party to the plan by Agravain and Mordred to betray Lancelot's secret affair with Guinevere to King Arthur and, when the queen was exposed and condemned to be burnt at the stake, he reluctantly obeyed the king's command to supervise the execution after his elder brother, Gawain, had refused. He went unarmed and was not recognised by Lancelot when he rode to the queen's rescue. Both Gareth and his brother Gaheris who had also been ordered to attend, as well as many other knights, were killed by Lancelot when he charged into the crowd and carried Guinevere off to safety. Also called Gareth, Beaumains, Beaumains, Fair Hands, Handy or Handy.

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