European - A count of Mayence. One of Charlemagne's paladins. Father of Baldwin. Out of jealousy of Roland, he became a traitor, writing to Marsilius, the king of Spain, urging him to invade France, and plotting the death of Roland. After the defeat of the African and Spanish forces, he persuaded the Emperor to send him as ambassador to the court of Spain. He arranged a trap for Roland when the Spanish met the advance party of the French army at the border to hand over the tribute exacted by Charlemagne, and when the trap was sprung at Roncesvalles, Gano was in camp with the main body of Charlemagne's forces. The sound of Roland's horn alerted the Emperor who realised that he had been betrayed by Gano who was then imprisoned. When Charlemagne saw the shambles at Roncesvalles, where he arrived too late to save his paladins, he had Gano hung, drawn and quartered. In other versions, the ambush at Roncesvalles trapped the rearguard of Charlemagne's army as it withdrew from Spain and, in this version, Gano was torn apart by wild horses. Sometimes known as Gano, Danilo, Danilo, Gan, Gan, Ganelon, Ganelon, Nanilo, Nanilo, Namilo or Namilo.

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