Hindu - The Milky Way. A river-goddess of the Ganges. Goddess of health and plenty. Daughter of Himavan and Mena. Sister of Uma. Wife of Vishnu, born from the toe of Vishnu. Consort of Shiva and Varuma, some say. Mother of Jalandha. Mother of Karttikeya by Agni. Mother of Bhishma by Santanu. Originally the wife of Vishnu, she was later given to Shiva. In the Mahabharata she is referred to as the wife of Santanu while others say that she married Agni. In the story in which she is the wife of Santanu, she married him on condition that he would never reproach her. She had the strange habit of drowning each of their children at birth and finally Santanu passed a mild remark that this was somewhat unusual. At that point, Ganga disappeared for ever. She is depicted riding the watermonster, Makara. Also known as Ganga.
West Indian - A Haitian voodoo spirit. Also identified as Ganga.

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