Galahaut the Haut Prince

British - A Knight of the Round Table. Son of Brunor and Bagota. He helped King Bagdemagus organise a tournament to which they invited Lancelot in the hope of killing him. Instead, Mark sent Tristram disguised as Lancelot, hoping that he would be killed. In the event, Tristram, although wounded, won the tournament. In some accounts, he was defeated by Lancelot but became such a devoted friend that, when he believed that Lancelot had been killed, he fasted to death. At times, called Galahaut the Haut Prince, Galehaut, Galehaut, Galahaut, Galehot, Galehot, Gallehant, Gallehant, Galohalt, Galohalt, Galahalt, Galahalt, Galeotto or Gallehault.

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