North American - Supernatural beings of the Chiricahua. Apache, living inside mountains. These beings are said to be able to cure the sick, give sight to the blind and even restore missing limbs. The five chief Gahe are associated with both colour and direction: the Great Black Gahe (east), the Great Blue Gahe (south), the Great White Gahe (north) and the Great Yellow Gahe (west). The most powerful one of the five is known as Grey One. Also called Gahe, Great Black Gahe, Great Black Gahe, Great Blue Gahe, Great Blue Gahe, Great White Gahe, Great White Gahe, Great Yellow Gahe, Great Yellow Gahe, Hactce, Hactce, Hactci, Hactci, Hactcin, Hactcin, Kachina, Kachina, Ahola, Katchina, Katsinas, Shiwanna, Mountain People, Mountain People, Mountain Spirits, Mountain Spirits, Ga'n, Ga'n, Apache Hactcin, Apache Hactcin, Lipan Apache Hactci, Lipan Apache Hactci, Havaho Hactce, Havaho Hactce, Pueble Katchina, Pueble Katchina, White Mountain Apache Ga'n or White Mountain Apache Ga'n.

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