Gae Bolg

Irish - A weapon thrown with the foot. This 'belly spear' was said to open into thirty points after entering the body of an opponent and was used to great effect by Cuchulainn. Some say that this weapon was made from the bones of a sea-monster which had been found dead on the shore after losing a battle with another of its kind. It was given to Cuchulainn by Aifa, the mother of his son, Connla. Also known as Gae Bolg, Ga Bolga, Ga Bolga, Gae Bolga, Gae Bolga, Gae Bulg, Gae Bulg, Gael Bolg, Gael Bolg, Gai Bolga, Gai Bolga, Ga(e) Bolga or Ga(e) Bolga.

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