Gabriel's Hounds

British - The English version of the Welsh Hounds of Hell. In some versions they are said to be geese, plovers or swans or, alternatively, the souls of those who died young and unbaptised. They sweep noisily across the heavens looking for souls. Sometimes called Gabriel's Hounds, Gabble Rackets, Gabble Rackets, Gabble Ratchets, Gabble Ratchets, Gabriel's Ratchets, Gabriel's Ratchets, Wild Hunt, Wild Hunt, Asgardsreid, Cain's Hunt, Dando, Devil's Dandy Dogs, Herod's Hunt, Hounds of Hell, Raging Host, Wish Hunt, Woden's Hunt, Asgardreia, Asgard(s)reid, Devil and his Dandy Dogs, Anglo-Saxon Chasse Artur, English Herlathing, French Mesnée d'Hellequin, Norse Asgardsreid, Gandr(i)eid or Herelethingi.

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