Japanese - A Buddhist god of fire and wisdom. He is regarded as an incarnation of Dainichi and is depicted with a background of flames, sometimes seated, sometimes standing and holding a sword. In some accounts, a statue of Fudomyoo was carried to a part of a country where a rebellion was in progress. The uprising was quelled but all efforts to return the statue to its original site failed. The emperor ordered that a temple be built round it. In some accounts, Fudo-myoo is equated with the ugly god, Fudo. Also identified as Fudo-myoo, Arya Achalanatha, Arya Achalanatha, Fudo, Fudo, Konkana, Gozanze-myoo, Gozanze-myoo, Acala, Jitoku, Jitoku, Buddhist Acala, Buddhist Acala, Shinto Ebisu or Shinto Ebisu.

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