Hindu - A small amphibian with webbed. Feet and no tail which features in some mythologies. (1) In Hindu lore, the Rig Veda asserts that the world rests on the back of a Great Frog. (2) In New Zealand, the Maoris regard the frog as a water-god. (3) In North America, the Navaho frog-spirit was involved with Bear, Snake and Turtle in a plan to capture two maidens from an undersea village. The plan went awry and the two girls were killed. Frog and Turtle were lucky to escape with their lives but Bear and Snake fared better. This pair captured two girls who were overcome by the smoke from the kidnappers' pipes which made Bear and Snake appear as handsome warriors with whom the girls mated. (4) A Siberian legend says that a frog, lying on its back, supports the world and the sacred mountain, Sambur, emerged from the frog's navel. Also called frog.

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