Norse - Son of Thorsten and Ingeborg. Although a commoner, Frithiof, as a child, played with Ingeborg, daughter of Belé, the king of Sogn. Both children were in the care of the tutor Hilding. Frithiof fell in love with Ingeborg and at the enthronement of her brothers, Helge and Halfdan as joint-kings on the death of Belé, he pledged his loyalty to them and asked for the hand of their sister. Helge rejected his suit and insulted him by offering him work in the palace. When their kingdom was invaded by Sigmund Ring, a suitor for Ingeborg's hand, Halfdan sought Frithiof's help to repel the invaders and, when he refused, they signed a treaty with Sigmund Ring under which they promised a yearly tribute and the hand of Ingeborg. Frithiof met Ingeborg in the temple of Hoder and gave her the armlet made by Volund as a love-token but they broke the sacred laws by speaking within that holy precinct. He offered to free the kings from their obligations to Sigmund Ring if they would allow him to marry Ingeborg but, because they had spoken in the temple, Helge once again refused and passed a stern sentence on Frithiof. Angantyr, king of Orkney, had for many years paid a tribute to Belé but stopped the payment when the old king died. Helge ordered Frithiof to go to Orkney and demand the unpaid tribute. He set sail with his friend Biorn in the ship Ellida but Helge, with the witches Ham and Heid, caused a tremendous storm that almost wrecked the ship. Frithiof spotted the witches riding on a whale and Biorn steered the ship so that it ran them down, killing both witches and the whale. When they landed in Orkney, Frithiof was challenged to a duel by Atlé, one of Angantyr's Berserkers and spared his life after defeating him in combat. When Frithiof asked for the unpaid tribute, Angantyr said that he owed Helge nothing but he gave the money to Frithiof as a gift to the son of his old friend Thorsten. When Frithiof returned he found his home, Framnas, burned to the ground by Helge and Ingeborg married to Sigmund Ring. At the court he flung the bag of coins in Helge's face, knocking him to the ground. He then saw the armlet he had given to Ingeborg on the arm of a statue of Balder and, trying to pull it off, overturned the statue which was burned in the altar fire. He left his native land and lived as a pirate, returning after three years to the court of Sigmund Ring disguised and wearing the skin of a bear. Only Ingeborg recognised him but he was welcomed by the king and given hospitality over the winter. In the spring, Sigmund, now very old, was left behind with Frithiof during a hunt. Frithiof resisted the chance to kill him but the old king died soon afterwards. In some stories, Frithiof married Ingeborg at last and lived in Hordaland where they had two sons, Gungthiof and Hunthiof. In another version, he was haunted by his sacrilege and returned to the temple of Balder when he received a vision that his fault could be expiated by building a fine temple to the god, which he then did. During its construction, Helge was killed and at its completion Halfdan arrived and made a pact of friendship with Frithiof, finally giving him Ingeborg's hand in marriage. Frithiof owned a sword known as Angurvadel. In some references, called Frithiof, Fridjof, Fridjof, Fridthiof or Fridthiof.

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