Norse - Goddess of fertility, sky, wisdom. Daughter of Hrimnir and Fiorgyn or Erda. Daughter of Odin and Erda, some say. Sister of Fulla, some say. Wife of Fiorgyn, some say. Second wife of Odin, some say. Mother of Balder, Hermod, Hoder and mother of Tyr, some say. Foster-mother of Agnar. She had her own palace, known as Fensalir, and her train of attendants included Eir, Frimla, Fulla her favourite, Gefjon, Gna, Hlin, Lofn, Snotra, Sin, Vara, Viofn and Vor. When Balder told of the dreams that foretold danger to his life, Frigga extracted a promise from all things that they would not harm her son. She overlooked the mistletoe and a branch of this, thrown by his blind brother Hoder at th e instigation of Loki, killed Balder. She once stole some gold from a statue of Odin and had the dwarfs make it into a necklace. Odin could not make the dwarfs reveal the name of the thief so he tried to make the statue speak by using his knowledge of the mystic runes. This idea was thwarted by a dwarf who broke the statue to pieces. In German stories she is identified with Freya. She is depicted as wearing heron plumes and carrying a bunch of keys at her belt. In some references, called Frigga, Eastre, Eastre, Eostre, Oestra, German Ostara, Norse Freya, Frau Holle, Frau Holle, Holda, Fri, Fri, Freya, Fria, Fria, Fricka, Fricka, Friga, Friga, Frige, Frige, Frigg, Frigg, Gode, Gode, Holle, Holle, Ostara, Ostara, Saxon Eastre, Vrou-Elde, Vrou-Elde, Holda, Fri(a), Fri(a), Anglo-Saxon Frig, Anglo-Saxon Frig, German Bertha, German Bertha, (Frau) Gode, (Frau) Gode, (Frau) Holle, (Frau) Holle, (Frau) Wode, (Frau) Wode, Frija, Frija, Huda, Huda, Holda, Huld(r)a, Huld(r)a, Holda, Nerthus, Nerthus, Aerth, Earth Mother, Hertha, Holda, Lombard Frea or Lombard Frea.

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