Norse - Goddess of beauty, fertility, love, magic and youth. Daughter of Niord and Nerthus or Skadi. Twin sister of Frey. Wife of Frey or Odur. Wife of Odin, some say. Mother of Gersemi and Hnoss. She was born in Vanaheim but moved to Asgard as a hostage when peace was made between the Vanir and the Aesir. She was given the realm of Folkvang, including the hall Sessrymnir. The Valkyries collected many of the dead from the battlefields but Freya claimed half of them as her own and carried them to Folkvang while the others went to Valhalla. She was also given the beautiful necklace, Brisingamen, made by the dwarfs and wore it always. In addition, she had the magic falcongarb, Valhamr, which enabled the wearer to fly and her own chariot which was drawn by two cats. She was said to take the form of a she-goat at night and sometimes rode the golden-bristled boar, Hildeswm. Her necklace was once stolen by Loki who assumed the form of a flea to get into her bed as she slept but he was detected by Heimdall who, after a struggle in which they both assumed several forms, retrieved the necklace and returned it to Freya. When Ottar appealed to her for help in tracing his ancestry, she turned him into a boar and rode on his back to the home of Hyndla, the sorceress, who not only traced his forebears but gave him a magic drink that ensured he remembered what he had learned. When her husband, Odur, left her, she wandered the earth in search of him and the tears she shed sank into the earth and became gold. She eventually found him and they were happily reunited. Many of her names are those she acquired during her wanderings. In some accounts she is assimilated with Frigga, others say she was married to Frey, Odin and perhaps others. Loki accused her of having affairs with all the gods. In one story, she was kidnapped by Belé who took her to Jotunheim, hoping to marry her to one of his three sons but she rejected all of them. In German stories she is identified with Frigga. She is depicted as wearing armour over a flowing gown and bearing a shield and spear. Her creatures are the cat, the cuckoo and the swallow. Also called Freya, Frea, Frea, Freia, Freia, Freyia, Freyia, Freyja, Freyja, Fri, Fri, Frigga, Fria, Fria, Frija, Frija, Gefn, Gefn, Gefjon, Goda, Goda, Horn, Horn, Mardal, Mardal, Mardel, Mardel, Mardell, Mardell, Mardoll, Mardoll, Moertholl, Moertholl, Thrung, Thrung, Valfreya, Valfreya, Vanabride, Vanabride, Vanadis, Vanadis, Vanbride, Vanbride, White Goddess, White Goddess, Hag of the Mill, Olwen, Samothea, Fri(a), Fri(a), Gollveig Gondul, Gollveig Gondul, 'lady', 'lady', Despoena, Hera, Mardel(l), Mardel(l), Menglad, Menglad, Menglod, Mengloth, Mengloth, Odsmaer, Odsmaer, Syr, Syr, Van(a)bride, Van(a)bride, German Frigga, German Frigga, Ostara, Ostara, Norse Freya, Saxon Eastre, Swedish Skialf or Swedish Skialf.

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