Norse - The god of earth, fertility, peace, rain, sunlight. Son of Niord and Nerthus or Skadi. Twin brother of Freya. Husband of Gerda or Freya. Husband of Beyla, some say. Father of Fiolnir. He was born in Vanaheim but moved to Asgard as a hostage when peace was made between the Vanir and the Aesir and was given the realm of Alfheim, home of the Light Elves. He was also given the ship, Skidbladnir, a marvellous sword which could fight unaided, the goldenbristled boar, Gullinbursti which, with another boar, Slidrugtanni, drew his chariot and a horse, Blodighofi, which could carry him over water and through fire. His home was called Upsala. He fell in love with the giantess, Gerda, but despaired of winning her so his servant, Skirnir, wooed her on behalf of his master in return for the magic sword. He met Gerda nine days later in the grove, Buri, and they were married. When her brother Beli attacked Frey, now without his sword, he defended himself with a stag's horn and killed Beli. At Ragnarok, he was killed by Surtur. Also known as Frey, Freir, Freir, Freyr, Freyr, Veraldargod, Veraldargod, Fricco, Fricco, Frikka, Fridleef, Fridleef, Fridleif, Frithleif, Ing, Ing, Ingumar-Frey, Ingumar-Frey, Ingvi-Frey, 'lord', 'lord', Adon, Baal, Baal, Bhagavan, Bhagavan, Xuhé, German Fro, German Fro, Lapp Verelden-Olmei, Lapp Verelden-Olmei, Swedish Ingvi-Frey, Swedish Ingvi-Frey, Lytir, Lytir, Sviagodh, Sviagodh, Frodi, Frodi, Froda, Frode or Peace Frodi.

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