Irish - A warrior-hero. Son of Idath and Befind. He fell in love with Findbhair but he could not afford the bride-price. Her parents, Maev and Ailill, tried to bring about his death by persuading him to swim in a lake inhabited by a monster. He escaped and killed the monster with the help of Findbhair whose parents then consented to the marriage. When his wife and three children and all his cattle were captured by raiders, he and Conall Cearnach pursued them and rescued the hostages and the cattle from, some say, a castle in the Alps. Another story says that he challenged Cuchulainn to single combat to win Findbhair's hand and was killed. Another version has Treabhlann in place of Findbhair and she, tricked by Midir into believing that Fraoch was dead, died of a broken heart. Yet another version has it that Maev herself was in love with Fraoch and sent him to his death with the watermonster out of jealousy. At times, identified as Fraoch, Fraech, Fraech, Froech or Froech.

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