Fothadh Canainne

Irish - Son of Mac Nia and Fuinche. Brother of Fothadh Airgtheach and Fothadh Cairptheach. Half-brother of Cuirreach Life. Father of Smirnat. He was regarded as one of a triune deity with his two brothers. He was often in conflict with Finn mac Cool who had killed his halfbrother and, when Finn invited him to a feast to make peace, he said he would drink only in the presence of the heads of the dead. Finn killed Fothadh's sister, Teite, and her husband to provide the heads, so reopening the feud between them. He had an affair with the wife of Ailill Flann Beag with the result that a battle ensued between their forces in which Fothadh was killed. His decapitated head was said to have recited a poem to the woman he loved. In some accounts he was loved by Cailleach Bheur. On occassion, called Fothadh Canainne.

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