Footprints of Buddha

Buddhist - Stones said to bear the imprints of the Buddha's feet. Reproductions carved from stone bear various religious symbols such as the swastika, the lotus and the fish. The originals were said to be caused by the weight of the Buddha's knowledge which was such that rocks softened where he trod. It is said that the marks on the soles of the Buddha's feet were caused by the tears of sinful women who wept at his feet. One such was known as Amrapati. One such footprint is to be found on the mountain in Ceylon known as Adam's Peak. This sacred footprint (the Sripada) is regarded as the Buddha's last point of contact with the earth. On occassion, referred to as Footprints of Buddha, Sacred Footprints of Buddha, Sacred Footprints of Buddha, Sripada, Sripada, Cambodian Prah bat or Cambodian Prah bat.

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