Irish - A one-legged, one-armed race of demons living under the sea. Deities of the Fir Bolg. These beings, some of whom had animals heads, had three rows of teeth and were said to be the descendants of Ham, son of Noah. They were defeated by the Partholanians at the Battle of Magh nIotha and banished to the Hebrides and were in continual conflict with the later Danaans. They once stole the Dagda's harp which flew from the wall where it had been hung, killed those who stole it and put the others to sleep with its music. They fought one or, in some accounts, two major battles with the Danaans at Moytura and were finally defeated when Balor's evil eye was knocked out by Lugh's slingshot and all the Fomoire soldiers died at the sight of it. Referred to as Fomoire, Domnu's gods, Domnu's gods, Fathach, Fathach, Fomhoire, Fomhoire, Fomhoireans, Fomhoireans, Fomoiri, Fomoiri, Fomorians, Fomorians, Formori, Formori, Formorii, Formorii, Formors, Formors, Domnu's Gods, Domnu's Gods, Fomhoire(ans), Fomhoire(ans), Formori(i), Formori(i), Lochlanners, Lochlanners, Danair, Giall, Lochlannaigh, Giall, 'sea giants', 'sea giants', Manx Foawr or Manx Foawr.

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