Flying Dutchman, The

German - Frustrated by winds that prevented his ship from rounding the Cape of Good Hope, he swore to manage it even if it took forever. An evil spirit condemned him to keep this oath from which he would be released only when a good woman promised to be faithful unto death. He was allowed to land only once every seven years, retaining his youth while his crew grew grey and wrinkled as the centuries passed. He gave some of his cargo of treasure to Laland, the captain of a Norwegian ship, and fell in love with his daughter, Senta. She would have married him but, seeing her with her young friend Erik, who also loved her, Vanderdecken put back to sea rather than expose her to the curse which dogged him. She threw herself from the top of a cliff and her suicide, proving her faithful unto death, lifted the curse of the Flying Dutchman whose ship sank beneath the waves. Also identified as Flying Dutchman, The, Der Fliegende Hollander, Der Fliegende Hollander, Flying Dutchman, Vanderdecker or Vanderdecker.

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