European - A Saracen knight who became one of Charlemagne's paladins. He was defeated by Astolpho, in single combat, who spared his life and they became friends. He was imprisoned in the Castle of Oblivion but freed by Angelica, who had escaped from the besieged city of Albracca, when Flordelis, his ladylove, told Angelica of his plight. When he heard of Roland's madness, he went in search of him and met Rodomont at the bridge leading to the chapel he had built to the memory of Isabella. They fought and Florismart was defeated but, to please Flordelis, Rodomont spared her lover's life, keeping him as a prisoner. Sent to Africa as a slave by Rodomont, he was released by Astolpho who was leading the Abyssinian forces at the siege of Biserta. When Agramant withdrew from France to defend his capital, Florismart, Roland and Oliver were chosen to do battle with Agramant, Sorbino and Grassado to settle the war. Florismart was killed in this encounter. Also identified as Florismart, Lord of the Sylvan Tower or Lord of the Sylvan Tower.

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