European - A king of Hungary. Husband of Blanchefleur. Father of Bertha. The Saracen king of Spain captured a group of French pilgrims and one of the ladies in the group gave birth to a girl, Blanchefleur, on the same day that the king's consort gave birth to a boy, Floris. They grew up together but Floris was sent away to school and Blanchefleur was sold to a slave-trader. Floris set out to rescue her and stayed with Darius, a bridgekeeper, in Babylon where Blanchefleur was imprisoned. He bribed his way into the tower and was reunited with his beloved but they were later found in bed together and condemned to death. Their obvious love for each other softened the emir's heart and they were allowed to marry and return to Spain. At times, referred to as Floris, Floire or Floire.

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