General - Many cultures have myths relating to one or more inundations, referred to as the Flood or the Deluge, sent to eliminate the human race, usually with an advance warning to enable a few to survive to repopulate the world. The rain-spirits of the Aborigines, known as the Wandjina, were so disgusted with the behaviour of the first humans that they vomited, producing a flood that wiped out the entire race. Thereafter, they set about creating a new race and taught them how to behave properly. -Central American (1) In the lore of the Aztecs, the god Titlacahuan warned Nata and his wife Nena of the impending deluge which ended the Fourth Sun. They built a dug-out canoe and survived on one ear of maize. Another version has the flood occurring at the end of the First Sun when people became fish. (2) The Mayan floods, caused by Hunab, put an end to various phases of the creation cycle and, in one story, caused the sky to collapse. Kanzibyui raised the sky to its normal position and supported it on trees. (3) Some Mexican tribes say that the flood was sent by the god Hokomata. After it had subsided, Pukeheh, the daughter of Hokomata's brother Tochopa, mated with the gods Sunshaft and Waterfall to repopulate the earth. -Chinese (1) The thunder god trapped by their father gave NĂ¼-kua and her brother Fu-hsi a tooth when they set him free. From this grew a tree which produced a gourd in which the children survived the ensuing flood. They mated but produced only an unformed lump of flesh. Fu-hsi cut this into pieces and scattered them over the earth to produce mankind. (2) The flood was caused when Kung Kung pulled down the pillars supporting the sky. Alternatively, he tore a hole in the sky when he tried to commit suicide by banging his head against the heavenly bamboo. -Egyptian When Ra tired of man's muttering against him, he sent Hathor-Sekhet to kill them. He then brewed corn beer, flooding the country. The goddess got drunk and forgot what she was about. -Greek Prometheus warned his son, Deucalion, that Zeus was about to send a flood so Deucalion built an ark and survived with his wife Pyrrha. -Hindu A god, Vishnu, appearing as a small fish found in his washing water, warned Manu of the coming flood. It outgrew successively a bowl, a tank and a lake and had to be put in the sea. Manu built a boat and the fish towed him to safety on Mount Himavat when the flood came. The gods granted him a wife and they became the progenitors of the present human race. -Irish Cessair was Noah's grand-daughter but even she was refused a place in the Ark. She sailed for Ireland where she landed with fifty women and three men, the only survivors. Most of them later perished in the flood. -Korean When the flood came, a huge bay tree, which had fathered a son on a heavenly being, was toppled but his son was saved by riding over the waves on the floating tree. He rescued a swarm of ants and another of mosquitoes and also a young boy. They all landed on a mountain where they found the only other survivors, an old woman with two daughters. The four young people were able to repopulate the earth. -Lithuanian It is not made clear what caused the flood but there are various stories about what happened after the flood had come. In one version, Pramzimas threw a nutshell into the waters. The shell became a boat and one man and one woman survived in this boat to restart the human race. In another version, all the animals and humans gathered on the top of a mountain and Pramzimas sent a boat in which they sailed away, leaving behind only one elderly couple. This pair, instructed by Pramzimas, jumped nine times. On each occasion, a young couple appeared and these became the progenitors of a new race. -Mesopotamian (1) Ea warned Atrahasis who survived in the ship Preserver of Life. In another version, Ea warned Utnapishtim. (2) Enki warned king Ziusudra of the flood being sent by Enlil, enabling him to survive. -New Zealand The Maoris say that the flood resulted from the efforts of the rain-gods to douse the fire which started when Maui stole fire from Mahuika. Another story says that Tawhaki stamped on the floor of heaven, releasing the waters through the cracks his action caused. -North American (1) Some Algonquian tribes say that the spirits of the underworld, the anamaqkiu, caused a flood when Manabush killed two of their number. Manabush managed to escape by climbing a tree which, by magic, he caused to grow much higher. Otter, Beaver and Mink died in an attempt to find dry land but Muskrat finally found a small piece of soil from which Manabush re-created the world. (2) The Caddo say that four monstrous children, each with four arms and legs, stood back to back in a square and grew until they fused together and reached the sky. A man planted a rod which also reached the sky and was told to take his wife and a pair of each of the animals on earth into a reed when the flood came. The monsters fell into the waters and were drowned and when the waters subsided, those inside the reed emerged to repopulate the earth. (3) The Inuit say that only they existed before the flood. After the waters had receded the first white people appeared, fathered on one of their girls by a dog. (4) In the lore of the Papago, only Montezuma, the first man, and Coyote, the trickster, survived the flood in boats they had made. After the waters receded, Great Mystery repopulated the earth. (5) The Pima say that the flood was sent by Great Eagle and that only Szeuka survived. (6) A Sioux story says that the flood was sent by Unktehi, a watermonster. One girl was rescued by the eagle Wanbhee Galeshka who took her up to his nest on a high peak. They mated and produced twins, a boy and a girl, who became the progenitors of a new tribe. (7) The Skagit of the west coast say that the flood covered the world leaving only the tops of Mount Baker and Mount Rainier exposed. Two people in a canoe managed to escape and repopulated the world. -Pacific Islands (1) In the Banks Islands, Qat was warned of the flood and built a canoe in which he survived. (2) In Fiji, the flood was sent by Degei to drown the people who had killed his friend, the hawk Turukawa. (3) In Hawaii, Nu'u survived in a ship that landed on a tall mountain. (4) In the Society Islands, a fisherman's hook became entangled with the hair of a sleeping sea-god, Ruahaku, who was so angry that he sent the flood. (5) Some say that the flood was caused by the rising of a seagoddess from the depths of the ocean. -Siberian The Buriats say that the creatorgod, Ulgan, warned Namu of the coming flood and he built an ark in which he survived. -South American (1) Advance warning of one of the floods was given by the llama. (2) The Araucanians blame the two huge serpents known as Kaikai and Trentran for causing the flood when they demonstrated their powers by causing the waters to rise. (3) The Arawaks blame the flood on Sigu who cut down the tree of knowledge allowing water to gush out to cause the flood. (4) The land of the Chibcha Indians was flooded by the workgod Chibchacum, aided by Chia, and the god Bochica appeared as a rainbow to create a channel to the sea and bring out the sun to dry the land. (5) The Inca god Viracocha caused a flood to destroy the first humans, after which he created a new and better race. (6) The Karaya tribe say that the flood was sent by the demon Anatiwa but some of the tribe escaped when the water-hen, Saracura, brought soil which they used to raise the height of the hill Tupimare. (7) The Quechua say that the only part of the world not covered by the flood was Mount Condorcoto. When the waters receded, five men were born from eggs that had survived the flood on the higher part of the mountain. (8) The Tupari say that the flood was caused by the the first man, the giant Valedjad. (9) In the Tupi story, Arikute and Tawenduare quarrelled and the latter split the earth when he stamped on the ground, allowing water to come gushing out. (10) Other versions say that the god Monan tried to destroy the earth with fire and the flood was caused when a magician, Irin Mage, brought about a heavy downpour that put out the flames but also flooded the earth. -Taiwanese The Taiwanese say that Peiroun was warned of the coming flood and was able to escape. -Thai The flood was sent by the skygods, the Thens, when the people refused to acknowledge the gods. In some lore, occasionally known as Flood, Deluge or Deluge.

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