Irish - A goddess of wild animals, a huntress goddess. Mother of Fand and Li Ban, some say. In some accounts, she was the wife of a king called Adhamain to whom she bore a son, Nia Seaghamain. Others say that she was the wife of Fergus mac Roth who had taken her from Ailill Fionn who was killed when Fergus attacked his castle. In some versions, Flidhais is referred to as Muinchinn and Ailill as Donal Dualbhiu. She owned the marvellous cow, Maol, that could provide milk for hundreds at one milking. Known as Flidhais, Flidais, Flidais, Flidass, Flidass, Fliodhais, Fliodhais, Gaulish Dea Arduinna or Gaulish Dea Arduinna.

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