Five Demons

Chinese - Plague demons causing sickness. These demons caused such problems when they were sent down to earth by the Jade Emperor that they were banished to the underworld on the orders of Chang Tao-ling. He allowed them to return later and the emperor gave them symbols of office - a fan for the demon causing colds, a fire-basket for the one causing fevers, a wolf-stick for the bringer of toothache, a band of iron for the one who causes headaches and a water-jug for the one who causes sweating. Another version says that, when they came to earth, they became scholars but were reduced to playing as itinerant musicians when they were robbed. The emperor then used them to test the magic powers of T'ien-shih and they were killed. When their spirits tormented him, T'ien-shih restored them to life and gave each of them the power to cause a particular ailment. Known as Five Demons, Five Devils, Five Devils, Five Plague Spirits or Five Plague Spirits.

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