Fisher King

British - The keeper of the Holy Grail. Brother of Goon Desert. Husband of La Veve Dame, some say. In some accounts a distinction is made between the Fisher King who was said to be Pelles and the Maimed King, variously known as Parlan, Pelham, Pell(e)am, Pellean or Pelleham. The alternative name, Le Roi PÍcheur, is capable of two translations giving Fisher King or Sinner King. Others say his name was Bron, a friend of Joseph of Arimathea while others identify him with Joseph. Some Grail stories refer to him as Amfortas. A common feature is that he somehow became wounded, usually in the thigh(s). Some accounts say the wound was caused by the Sacred Spear or by Balin or by the fragments of the sword which killed Goon Desert; some say it was punishment for drawing the Sword of Strange Girdles. It was said that, because of this wound, his only occupation was fishing - hence his title. Occasionally referred to as Fisher King, Amfortas, Amfortas, Pelles, Anfortas, Grail Keeper, Grail King, Le Roi PÍcheur, The Fisher King, The Sinner King, Rich Fisher, Fisherman King, Fisherman King, King PÍcheur, King PÍcheur, Le Roi Mehaigne, Le Roi Mehaigne, Maimed King, The, Maimed King, The, Parlan, Parlan, Pelham, Pelham, Pellam, Pelleam, Pellean, Pelleham, Pellehan, Pellehen, Pell(e)am, Pelle(h)an, Roi Mehaigne, Le, Roi Mehaigne, Le, Wounded King, Wounded King, Le Roi PÍcheur Maimed King, Le Roi PÍcheur Maimed King, SinnerKing, SinnerKing, Alan, Alan, Alain le Gros or Aleyn.

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