First Made Man

North American - One of the early humans in the lore of the Tewa pueblo tribe. It appears that men existed before the earth dried out from the primordial ocean, living in two caves, the bright home of Summer Mother and the gloomy abode of Winter Mother. These beings sent First Made Man to the surface from time to time to see the state of the world and he continually reported that it was not fit for humans. Finally he went up again and was attacked by various animals but his wounds healed and the animals gave him symbols to take back to his people. He led his people up from the cave of Summer Mother and settled them in the plains and then brought up those from the cave of Winter Mother and settled them along the shore-lines. He then went off to live among the animals where he was made Hunt Chief. In some references, identified as First Made Man, Hunt Chief, Hunt Chief or Poseyemu.

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