Fire Fade

Japanese - A Shinto deity. Son of Ninigi and Sengen. Brother of Fire Flash and Ho-no Susori. Husband of Toyo-Tama. Father of Amasuhiko. He was an expert hunter who swapped roles with his brother, Fire Flash. He borrowed his brother's magic fishhook but lost it in the sea. When retrieving the fish-hook from the seabottom, he met Toyo-Tama, daughter of the Dragon-King of the Sea, Watatsumi, and married her. He was given the magic jewels which gave him control of the tides. His wife gave birth to a dragon but when he disobeyed her and saw the birth, she assumed the form of a sea-dragon and returned to her home in the sea, leaving the infant Amasuhiko who grew up to be the father of Jimmu Tenno, the first emperor. Sometimes known as Fire Fade, Fireshade, Fireshade, Hiko-hoho-demi, Hiko-hoho-demi, Ho-wori, Ho-wori, Hoho-demi, Hoho-demi, Hoori, Hoori, Oto-hime, Oto-hime, Toyo-tama, Toyotama, Urashima, Urashima, Yamasachi, Yamasachi, (Hiko-)hoho-demi or (Hiko-)hoho-demi.

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