Fir Bolg

Irish - An early invading tribe. Descendants of the earlier invaders led by Nemed, in some stories they were said to have been defeated by the Danaans at the first Battle of Moytura and exiled. Other versions say that they made peace and lived in Connaught. Some say they came from Spain, others from Greece where, it was said, they were forced to carry soil, in leather sacks, from the fertile valleys to the rocky mountain tops. They rebelled, made boats from their leather bags and sailed to Ireland where they ruled for thirty-seven years, dividing the country into five parts. There were three groups; the Fir Bolg, Fir Domnan and Fir Gailean. In some accounts, identified as Fir Bolg, Fir Bholg, Fir Bholg, Fir Bhuilg, Fir Bhuilg, Firbolg or Firbolg.

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