Irish - King of the Otherworld. Husband of Oonagh. It is said that crops in Connaught flourished when his fairy hurley team defeated teams from other provinces and he once appeared to ride a racehorse, winning in fine style before disappearing into the fairy world again. He loved the Otherworld maiden, Findearbh, daughter of Conan who had promised her to Finn mac Cool, and raised an army which attacked and drove off Finn and his party when they arrived for the wedding ceremony. He and his wife, both Danaans, became king and queen of the fairies, deposing Mac Moineanta. Sometimes identified as Fionnbharr, Fin, Fin, Finbheara, Finbheara, Finnbeara, Findbharr, Findbharr, Finnbheara, Finnbheara, Finvara, Finvara, Finvarra, Finvarra, Findbhar, Findbhar, Finvar(r)a or Finvar(r)a.

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