Finn Eamhna

Irish - The 3 sons of Eochaid Feidhleach and Cloithfhionn. Breas, Lothar and Nar, the brothers of Clothra. When Cloithfhionn left her husband, she took her triplet sons, Breas, Lothar and Nar, with her. They raised a force to depose Eochaid and attacked, despite being offered a share of the kingdom. They were defeated at the Battle of Comar, fleeing to Connaught where they were overtaken by pursuing warriors and killed. Their father died of grief when he heard of their death. It was said that the three slept with their sister, Clothra, on the eve of the battle, fathering Lugaid Riabhdhearg. Sometimes called Finn Eamhna, Lothar, Lothar, Nar or Nar.

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