Irish - A druid and magician. He renamed Demna as Finn, instructed him in the magic arts and caught the Salmon of Knowledge. He gave it to Finn to cook and when Finn sucked his thumb, which had burnt on the fish, he, not Finegas, received the supernatural knowledge. He then gave the salmon to Finn to eat. In some accounts, he is referred to as Black Arcan, a name also applied to a supposed killer of Finn mac Cool. Also identified as Finegas, Fineces, Fineces, Finn Eger, Finn Eger, Finneces, Finneces, Finnegas, Finnegas, Finneigeas, Finneigeas, Nuadu Finneigeas, Nuadu Finneigeas, Fin(n)eces, Fin(n)eces, (Nuada) Finneigeas or (Nuada) Finneigeas.

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