Fifth Sun

Central American - Fifth age of the Aztec creation cycle. This is the present age ruled by the god Nanautzin. The gods' first choice for the ruler was Tecciztecatl but, when it came to the final ceremony in which the chosen one is required to commit himself to the fire, he could not summon the necessary courage to do so. Instead, Nanautzin threw himself into the flames and became the sun while Tecciztecatl had to content himself with the moon. It is said that this age will end in destruction by earthquake. Sometimes referred to as Fifth Sun, Four Earthquake, Four Earthquake, Naollin, Naollin, Nahui Ollin, Tecciztecatl, Tecciztecatl, Mextli, Metzli, Mex(i)tli, sun, sun, ages, First Sun, Fourth Sun, Second Sun, Third Sun or Ages.

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