European - King of Alexandria. A prince of Spain. Son of Balan. Brother of Floripas. This huge Saracen warrior owned much of the Middle East and Russia. He took, from the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, Christ's crown of thorns and the embalming fluid which could cure illness and heal wounds. Another version says that he and his father captured Rome, killing the pope and escaping after a battle with Charlemagne's forces, reaching Spain with a number of holy relics. Charlemagne pursued the Saracen, and Fierabras (in this account, measuring fifteen feet tall) challenged Oliver and was defeated. He converted to Christianity but his father, who refused to convert, was put to death. Charlemagne gave half of Spain to Fierabras and the other half to Gui de Bourgogne. Also identified as Fierabras, Ferumbras or Ferumbras.

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