General - An élite military order, bodyguard of the king of Ulster. This order required that members passed stringent tests of skill and stamina and flourished under the leadership of Finn mac Cool. It was organised originally by Fiachald into 150 groups of twenty-seven men, each with its own leader. They fought on the side of Midir in the war with the Danaan gods. The high-king, Cairbre Lifeachear, became fearful of their power and broke it by defeating them at the Battle of Gabhra. The dead were consigned to hell but, in later years, when Oisin and Cailte met St Patrick, they were released by the saint's prayers. In some lore, occasionally called Fianna, Feini, Feini, Danaans, Feinne, Feinne, Fenians, Fenians, Fiana, Fiana, Fianna Eirinn, Fianna Eirinn, Finn's People, Finn's People, 'warriors' or 'warriors'.

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