Fiachu Muilleathan

Irish - A king of Munster. Son of Eoghan and Moncha. His father slept with Moncha, daughter of a druid, on the eve of a battle in which he was killed. Moncha delayed the birth of her son, by sitting in the river until the day on which, according to her father, he would become king. As prophesied, he became king of Munster. He helped Cormac mac Airt regain the throne from which he had been expelled by Fiachu Araidhe, defeating the latter at the Battle of Fochaid. In another account, he refused to pay a tribute of cattle to Cormac who then attacked Munster. With the help of the druid, Mogh Ruith, who caused a conflagration to engulf Cormac's forces, Fiachu defeated the attackers at the Battle of Drom Damhgaire. Another story says that he was swallowed by a dragon but cut himself free, releasing at the same time others who had been swallowed earlier. A young relative, Connla, was told that he could be cured of his leprosy only by bathing in the blood of a king, so he arranged to go swimming with Fiachu and stabbed the king when they were together in the water. Also commonly referred to as Fiachu Muilleathan.

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