Irish - Son of Finn mac Cool. When Finn and his companions were trapped in the Quicken Trees Hostel by Midac, Fiachna and Innsa were told to hold the ford against the Norsemen supporting Midac. Innsa killed many of the first wave of attackers but was finally killed by their leader. Fiachna came upon him carrying Innsa's head and slew him. He reported Innsa's death to Finn and returned to the ford. He killed all but one of the second wave of attackers, led by Kiron. The third wave was led by Midac himself and all were killed by Fiachna. Midac was killed by a spear thrown by Dermot who led a party to the rescue but, with his dying effort, Midac killed Fiachna. Another story says that he was swallowed by a dragon but cut himself free, releasing at the same time others who had been swallowed earlier. Occasionally called Fiachna.
Irish - King of a Munster sept. Father of Cumane. He fathered Cumane on his own daughter and ordered that the baby be destroyed. The boy was raised by an abbot and was later reconciled with his father. Occasionally referred to as Fiachna.

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