Fiachna Lurgan

Irish - A warrior-king of Dalriada. Cousin of Fiachna mac Deamhain. Husband of Cantigern. He and Aedan mac Gabrain fought the Saxons in Scotland. While he was away, Manannan seduced his wife, threatening to allow her husband to die in battle if she refused him. She bore him a son named Mongan. With Manannan's help, the Saxons were defeated. In another story, he was visiting Scandinavia and saved the life of Eolgarg, the king, by procuring from an old woman a cow needed to cure him. The king recovered but refused to pay the woman so Fiachna invaded Scandinavia and, with the help of Manannan, he defeated Eolgarg's forces. As reward, Manannan claimed the right to sleep with Cantigern, fathering Mongan. Offered a choice between heaven and victory, he chose the former and was killed in his next battle with his cousin, Fiachna mac Deamhain. Occasionally called Fiachna Lurgan, Fiachna mac Baetain, Fiachna mac Baetain, Fiachna mac Baodain or Fiachna mac Baodain.

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