Festival of the Dead

Japanese - A period, July 13th to 16th, when the spirits of the dead are said to return and wander in the country. When the ghosts of the dead appear, they are given food and the Bon Odori dance is performed. When the ghosts depart, sacred boats full of food, shoryobuni, are set afloat on the lakes and rivers to carry the ghosts and sustain them on their journey back to the Otherworld. In some references, known as Festival of the Dead, Bommatsuri, Bommatsuri, Bon, Bon, Bon-e, Bon-e, Bob-matsuri, Bob-matsuri, Bonmatsuri, Bonmatsuri, Feast of Lanterns, Feast of Lanterns, Lantern Festival, Lantern Festival, Lantern Festival, O-bon, O-bon, Obon, Obon, Urabon, Urabon, Bon(matsuri), Bon(matsuri), Feast Festival of the Hungry Ghosts or Feast Festival of the Hungry Ghosts.

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