Fergus mac Leda

Irish - A king of Ulster. Lugaid Luaighne divided Ulster into two parts, giving one to Fergus and one to Congall Clairingleach. Later, Fergus took all the province and Conall went to Scotland. On his return, Fergus mac Roth helped him to defeat Fergus mac Leda in battle. He captured Iubdan, king of the Faylinn, and his wife Bebo when they fell into a bowl of porridge. He had an affair with Bebo and released her and her husband only when Iubdan handed over his magic shoes. In one account, he was given the woman Dorn as compensation for the death of Eochaid Yellowmouth who had been killed by men sent by the high-king, Conn. He was also given the power by sea-sprites to swim under any water except Loch Rudhraighe. When he ignored this ban, he was attacked by the monster, Muirdris, and fear caused his mouth to move to the back of his head. When Dorn revealed his secret, after a quarrel during which Fergus struck her, the king used the shoes given to him by Iubdan to protect himself when he went back to the lake and had a second fight with the monster. Although he managed to kill the beast, he was himself wounded and died. In some accounts, he is the same as Fergus mac Roth or Fergus Foga while others say that Tiobraide was the king of Ulster at the time of Eochaid's murder. Also referred to as Fergus mac Leda, Fergus mac Leide, Fergus mac Leide, Fergus mac Leite, Fergus mac Leite, Fergus mac Lete, Fergus mac Lete, Tiobraide, Tiobraide, Fe(a)rg(h)us mac Leide, Fe(a)rg(h)us mac Leide, Fergus mac Le(i)te or Fergus mac Le(i)te.

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