Fergal mac Maolduin

Irish - A high-king of Ireland. Father of Aedh Allan and Niall Frasach. He had an affair with a nun who was the daughter of Congall. When Congall entered her bedroom, she sat on top of Fergal and persuaded her father of her innocence. Rather than betray his presence, Fergal made no sound, even when a cat bit pieces out of his legs. He attacked Leinster with a large army which included a young musician and poet, named Donn Bo, whom he had undertaken to keep safe. In a battle with the forces of Leinster, both the king and Donn Bo were killed and decapitated. Donn Bo's head sang so sadly at the celebration feast of the Leinstermen that they returned it to the site of the battle, placed it on his body and Donn was restored to life. The head of Fergal was given to Cathal mac Fionghuine, king of Munster, who washed and dressed it in finery at a feast where it spoke its thanks for the honour. Occasionally referred to as Fergal mac Maolduin, Fearg(h)al or Fearg(h)al.

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