Irish - Son of Fergus mac Roth. Foster-brother of Cuchulainn. In some accounts, he was the son of Damhan. He trained with Cuchulainn under Skatha and became his friend. He later fought for Maev in the Cattle Raid of Cooley and, against his inclinations, was forced by Maev to fight Cuchulainn in single combat. They fought for four days until finally Cuchulainn killed his old friend with the Gae Bolg as they fought in the river where the waters were held back on each side. In other versions, Cuchulainn ran Ferdia through with his sword. At times, known as Ferdia, Fear Dea, Fear Dea, Fear Dedh, Fear Dedh, Fear Deoda, Fear Deoda, Fear Diadh, Fear Diadh, Fer Dea, Fer Dea, Fer Dedh, Fer Dedh, Fer Deoda, Fer Deoda, Fer Diadh, Fer Diadh, Ferdiad, Ferdiad, Fe(a)r Dea, Fe(a)r Dea, Fe(a)r Dedh, Fe(a)r Dedh, Fe(a)r Deoda, Fe(a)r Deoda, Fe(a)r Diadh, Fe(a)r Diadh, Ferdiad mac Daire or Ferdiad mac Daire.

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