Norse - A wolf. Offspring of Loki and Angerbode. Brother of Hel and Iormungandr. Odin took the wolf to Asgard hoping to tame him but it grew to such size and strength that the gods tied him up for safety. They bound him first with the chain, Laeding, from which he broke free; then with a stronger chain, Droma, which he also broke; then with Gleipnir, a thin cord fashioned by the dwarfs which none could break, fixed with the fetter, Gelgia. Fenris allowed himself to be tied only if one of the gods would put a hand into his mouth as a surety. Tyr complied and when Fenris found himself unable to break free he bit off Tyr's right hand. When he opened his huge jaws and howled, the gods thrust a sword into his mouth causing an outflow of blood that formed the river Von. Fenris remained tied through the rock Gioll to a large boulder called Thviti on the island of Lyngvi until the final battle of Ragnarok when he broke free and fought on Loki's side against the gods. It was foretold that he would kill Odin but he was killed by Vidar who, arriving late in the battle, put his one large foot on the wolf's lower jaw and, grasping his upper jaw in his bare hands, tore him apart. At times, known as Fenris, Fenrer, Fenrer, Fenrir, Fenrir, Hrodvitnir or Hrodvitnir.

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