Feng Po

Chinese - A sky-god. Son of Huang Ti. Husband of Feng-p'o-p'o. This deity was in charge of the sack which contains the winds, hunger and drought. He tried to overthrow his father and was defeated. He was banished to a mountain-top cave where he sent winds to cause trouble until I, the archer, shot a hole in his wind-bag. Feng Po was wounded in the leg at the same time and was left with a permanent limp. He is depicted as a white-bearded old man or as a dragon with the head of a deer or as having the body of a stag, a sparrow's head, the horns of a bull and a snake's tail. At times, identified as Feng Po, Count of the Winds, Count of the Winds, Fei Lien, Fei Lien, Feng Shih or Feng Shih.

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