Fenda Maria

African - A heroine of Angola. Vidiji Milanda had been bewitched and lay asleep on the bank of a river. He could be wakened only by a maiden shedding eleven jugfuls of tears. Fenda Maria filled ten jugs and, having given one away to free a slave girl, got tired of weeping and asked the slave girl to fill the eleventh jug. This she did and woke the sleeping prince who took her for his wife instead of Fenda Maria. The slave then took on the role of her mistress and the real Fenda Maria became her slave, now called Kamaria. Later, the prince brought Kamaria presents she had asked for; a lamp which lit itself, a razor which sharpened itself, scissors which could cut unaided and a stone which told the truth. With the help of these objects she convinced the prince that she was the real Fenda Maria and they were married, burning the imposter in a barrel of tar. Sometimes referred to as Fenda Maria.

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