Irish - Daughter of Aedh Abrat. Daughter of Flidhais, some say. Sister of Angus mac Aedh and Li Ban. Sister of Labraid Luathlam, some say. Wife of Manannan. Mother of Gaiar and Segda. When she quarrelled with her husband, who left her, she was attacked by three Fomoire. Her sister, Li Ban, induced Cuchulainn to rescue her and Fand had an affair with him, curing him of an illness by singing to him. When Emer heard about the affair, she tried to kill Fand and Manannan forced Fand to choose between himself and her lover. She opted to stay with Manannan. Another version says that her brother, Labraid Luathlam, needed the help of Cuchulainn in a fight with three warriors and promised to give Fand to the great hero as his mistress in return for his help. In some accounts, she and Li Ban incapacitated Cuchulainn for a whole year by attacking him with whips. Occasionally referred to as Fand, Fan, Fan, Fann, Fann, Pearl of Beauty, Pearl of Beauty, Fan(n) or Fan(n).

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