General - A spirit, often in the form of a cat, attending when called, usually by a witch. In Africa, Basuto witches have huge animals known as obe while the Zulu sorcerer uses an exhumed corpse which he revivifies in the form of an umkovu. In Arabia, the magician's familiar is known as a tabi. Australian sorcerers use a lizard as a familiar. In the Baltic countries, flies are used in this connection. In the East Indies, a snake or crocodile is used as a sending or the sorcerer may cause slivers of bone, etc. to fly through the air and embed themselves under a victim's skin . In ancient Hebrew lore the familiar was known as an ôb. The Inuit medicine-men use an artificial seal, known as a tupilaq, as a familiar. In Malaya, a sorcerer can kill by pointing his kris at a victim. As soon as the spell takes hold, blood will drip from the point of the knife. His familiar may be a badger or an owl. In North America, some medicine-men stuff the skin of an owl and make it fly against the intended victim causing him to starve to death. In the islands of the Pacific, sorcerers have familiars in the form of sea-snakes. The Siberian shaman's familiar is known as a yekeela. In other parts of the world, dogs, hares or toads may act as familiars. On occassion, called familiar, sending, sending, labuni, labuni, magistellus, magistellus or familiae.

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