Norse - Son of Hreidmar. Brother of Otter and Regin. Brother of Fasolt, in some accounts. Fafnir's father had received a hoard of gold and a magic ring from Loki as compensation when Loki killed Otter but he refused to share it with Fafnir and Regin. Fafnir then killed his father and seized all the treasure, turning himself into a dragon in Gnitaheid to guard it. Sigurd killed not only the dragon but also Regin who had persuaded him to do it and appropriated the treasure for himself. In the Wagnerian version, Fafnir and his brother Fasolt, Frost Giants, built Valhalla for Odin but demanded Freya as payment. When they were given the Rhinegold as ransom, they fought over the treasure. Fafnir killed his brother and then used the Helmet of Invisibility to change himself into a dragon. Also known as Fafnir, Fafner or Fafner.

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