Eye of Ra

Egyptian - A manifestation of the goddesss. Hathor or Sakhmet when she was sent to punish mankind: the uraeus. On occassion, referred to as Eye of Ra, Eye of Atum, Eye of Atum, udjat, Hathor-Sakhmet, Hathor-Sakhmet, Qedeshet, Qedeshet, Lady of Heaven, Mistress of the Gods, Qades, Qadesh, Qedesh, Qedeshat, Qetesh, Qodshu, Qudshu, Qudsu, Quedesh, Quodes, Kadesh, Kedesh(et), Qades(h), Qedes(hat), Qodshu Quds(h)u, Canaanite Kades, Mesoptamian Quades, Sakhmet, Sakhmet, Bast, Great Cat, Hathor, Isis, Lady of the West, Mighty One, Mut, Powerful, The, Sachmet, Sekhauit, Sakhautet, Sekhem, Sekhet, Sekhmet, Sekmet, Semetet, Mekhit, Sechmet, Sekhautet, Sek(h)met, The Powerful, Babaylonian Allat, Greek Sakhmis, uraeus, uraeus or iaret.

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