British - King Arthur's sword. This marvellous weapon was said to have been created by Merlin. Some say it came to King Arthur from Avalon, others that it was a gift from Vivien, Lady of the Lake. In some accounts, the Sword in the Stone which Arthur pulled out, so demonstrating his right to the throne, was Excalibur and was engraved with that name on the blade. In other versions, that was a different sword and when it was broken in combat with an unnamed knight who had challenged Arthur, not knowing he was the king, Merlin took Arthur to a lake where an arm 'clothed in white samite' rose out of the water holding Excalibur which Arthur claimed and used until his death when it was returned by Bedivere to the lake where the hand rose to receive it and carry it below the surface of the water. Yet another version says that Excalibur was made by Merlin and given to Uther Pendragon as a symbol of his office as king. When Uther objected to handing over the baby Arthur, as he had promised, Merlin blinded Uther, taking both the child and the sword. While he was wearing the scabbard he could never lose blood if wounded. Some say that Excalibur was given to Arthur by Morgan le Fay; certainly she once stole it from Arthur and gave it to her lover, Accolon, in revenge for the execution of another of her lovers, but Arthur soon recovered it. Also called Excalibur, Escalibor, Escalibor, Esicalibur, Esicalibur, Excalibar, Excalibar, Hungry One, Hungry One, Mirandoise, Mirandoise, Caladfwlch, Caladfwlch, Caledfwlch, Caladcholg, Caladviolch, Caladviolch, Caleburn, Caleburn, Caliburn(ius), Caliburn(ius), Esecalibur or Esecalibur.

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